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Criticwire Survey: Oscar Fiats

May there always be moonshiners in these mountains, and may the jack-booted thugs of the BATFE always be so utterly clueless in shutting it down.

Criticwire Survey: Oscar Fiats

Scrutiny Hooligans pay their respects, and have good links to follow. Ruminations from the Distant Hills had a good article about Popcorn in November , and I am sure he will follow up with more eloquent words than I hope to offer The R. Popcorn facebook group had passed 1, members as of 7am this morning, has now passed 2, at 8.

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Here are a couple of videos in his honor, I grew up in this culture, and to me, just one of these people are better than the whole lot in Raleigh or in our nation's capital:. We love to see more on this site. We greatly appreciate your emails. Seeing all the support on-line has made the grieving process feel less isolated. Thank you all. Post a Comment. Become a Patron! If you're of a mind, and can afford it, a dollar a month or more from enough people will make a huge difference in improving the quality of coverage of local meetings and events, as well as allowing remote weather stations and weather cams to be deployed throughout the county that you will be able to access online.

This is a tremendous help. Please visit www. Businesses can underwrite this coverage by day sponsorships, surplus equipment donations, etc. Inquire at editor maconmedia.

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MonkAre says:. Tuesday, March 17, AM Reply. Seeing the people in the recent layoffs at Gannett is more depressing than the thought of a Trump victory for the Presidency. On many days, there would be a sports article by Bob Berghaus and the rest of the sports section filled with AP stories. Prior to retirement, I was often contacted by Dale Neal seeking information about Waynesville or local government activities. He researched issues thoroughly.

He was a very fair individual. The ACT just continues to deteriorate as do most newspapers across the country.

I am old school who likes a newspaper in my hand, not particularly on line, but other than John Boyle, I am finding less and less reason to have the ACT in my hand. I meant leftist protesters raging against the system. But your examples work too. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Where does it end up? The MX does interesting features, but it has soft spots around its major advertisers. The Daily Planet draws ads from the crunchier crowd. The Blade runs on a shoestring of donations. Carolina Public Press does genuinely good investigative work but on a limited scope. The Home of the Week writer is a freelance correspondent, not a reporter on staff. And to be fair, he covers modest cottages and bungalows as well as upscale showplaces.

One of the members of the all female band Menage told me years ago they had to change their original name from Menage a Trois being a 3 piece to Menage as the Mtn X refused to print their name under music listings and stated that they feared losing advertising dollars for folks being offended by the name. Way to stick to those guns.

Major media chases and reports on the same stories and in the same way. They are given their talking points by politicians, big corporate, various influencers, etc. Investigative and courageous reporting? A fairly rare occurrence except on the web-only news outlets. LOL yep.

The establishment media is a propaganda machine now. Not to be listened too except for laughs.

Michael Chabon blends fact and fiction to create ‘a truth’

How about the Tribune. But of course that would mean a whole lot of left leaning cockroaches might end up in jail. The democrat party LOL, full of corruption like no other. Oh, give credit where due.

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Investigative work requires time, resources and experienced staff who are willing to put in FOIA requests, pore through documents, pick up the phone, talk to people. Yes, investigative reporting is expensive and time-consuming. They wanted to study how administrators there handled segregation and racial representation in the classroom. Chelsea LaBate has two voices. In song, you hear the tone and vibrato of Fiona Apple, maybe even a little Billie Holiday.

City government, tax and planning commissions and nonprofit board meetings. Those settings naturally conjure Just having a crisis of direction on the board, and I just decided those crisis discussions can end in murder, what the heck? You can see its shape, the bands of bundled pine needles or rivercane wicker, the painted patterns drawn from tribal imagery.

But when you these baskets, do you reflect on treaty violations, the appropriation of Native names and imagery or forced removal from ancestral homelands? Waynesville has more galleries per capita than Asheville.

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By many measures, including his own, David Hopes is a successful poet and playwright. After 38 years of ups and down and dips and turns she could never have choreographed, Collard responds to these malfunctions with a smile. Daniel Meyer was among six finalists this past season to become the next music director of the Fresno Philharmonic, in California. The person who won the position is Rei Hotoda.

Now, Hotoda is one of six finalists to succeed Meyer on the podium of the Asheville Symphony. The Asheville Symphony is a part-time orchestra. Everyone responsible for the music has another job, or two jobs. Wiley Cash grew up in a solid, supportive family, attended great schools and is quick to say he is the product of a sheltered, all-American privilege.