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Teachers are welcome to give students copies of my eBooks as background material. Bruce, David. April Gene Blocker. Bruce, Bruce David, and Michael Vengrin. Bruce, Bruce David.

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Humorous Quizzes Bruce, David. March February November Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Search for:. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Timothy Higgins was one of them. Working in sight of the burning piles, I met a fire marshal named Steve. I told him I was from Freeport.

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I think of Tim every day. He must have been a shining light. Certainly, he was my beacon. I have two daughters, Kathy and Vicky. Let me get their pictures from my wallet.

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Thanks, Mom! Coming from a destitute family, my brother and I were used to having very slim Christmases. We expected nothing more one Christmas morning, as we scooped wrapping paper from the floor.

Grabbing the blanket and pouncing on our mother, we noticed two upright guitars that the blanket had been draped across. Those guitars became the sole form of expression all throughout our growing-up years—and up to this day. She could no longer move nor speak, but she had always loved to sing, her husband said. She sang every word clearly in a beautiful alto voice.

When the song finished, she grew silent again, but the smile never left her face. These moments are the reason I go to work every day. Christmas Day, , Vietnam, st Airborne Division.

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On a hill somewhere around Hue, the supply chopper comes in, usually loaded with mail, C rations, ammo, and sometimes clean clothes. What is this? An ammo canister full of beef stew. We have no utensils to serve the stew, so the platoon leader uses his hand as we go through the line.

When he finishes, he has stew up to his elbow! What a pleasant surprise that leaves a lasting memory. Our relationship lasted just five years. He was a gentle, caring man who put me at ease when I was stressed and made me laugh when times were tough. He was the kind of person you want around all the time, yet I will not miss him. In fact, our last day together was one of the happiest days of my life; a cause for celebration.

I smiled as I hugged my oncologist goodbye after five years of being cancer-free.

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He taught computers and played guitar. I taught English and wrote poetry. In the volunteer house, we courted each other by making a phone out of tin cans and a string. I still remember his voice in my ear. Automatic goose bumps. A year later, our mothers discovered we were born in the same hospital in New Jersey, 1, miles away. My mother was my best friend. She loved cardinals, the male red ones. When she got sick with pancreatic cancer and knew death was near, she told me to always look for the red cardinal—that would be her. I never paid too much attention to that statement; I was too busy becoming an adult.

Is it coincidence, or my mother, all these years later, letting me know that everything will be OK? One summer during college in Beijing, I visited my grandma in Tsingdao. I was one of her favorite granddaughters since I lived the farthest from her, and she let me stay in her bedroom. There on the wall was a big color poster of a white lady with a gentle smile. I never dared ask about this poster. When I brought my mom to America years later, as we left the airport, she asked if I would take her to a church.

The hummingbird was lost in the supermarket, exhausted, starving, and near death as it spiraled towards the ground on helpless wings. I snatched her away from the crushing carts, cupped her in my hands, and rushed for the exit. She was tiny and soft against my palms.

Amazing: 250 Questions To Ask a Girl You Like | Interesting, Flirty & Deep

I ran out towards the flowers. She was too weak to perch; I cupped her in my palm and held her up to each flower to drink. Slowly, she perked up and her claws tightened on my finger. Then she spread her wings and flew on her own: a tiny, sweet miracle. My grandfather encouraged me to offer it my roti; it gently accepted the gift. Peering in, my new friend stared with interest at the TV. At 12, I believed honesty was always rewarded. No one will tell.

Kind of dumb. Remember that instead of what he said.

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