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'The air feels different': a year after California's deadliest fire, Paradise isn't giving up

By the way, sorry for the short review, I'm just in a weird mood today. View all 7 comments. Jan 31, Annie Brewer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone who has ever wanted to give up in life. Shelves: favorite-authors , nook-books , absolutely-amazingly-awesome , favorite , irresistable-hot-guys. That was the most beautifully poignant book ever!!!!

God, I'm such a cry baby!!! It ended perfectly! It had such a beautiful message and left you feeling so good. I am so happy for Caleb and Maggie!! Leah stepped up her game in this one and really surprised me! I loved her! I loved everything about this book. I've been on such a Contemp kick that these stories move me beyond words. I am crying from hap OMG!

A Return to Paradise and its People

I am crying from happiness to such an aweful circumstance but I'm also crying because Maggie and Caleb's story has come to an end. They will remain in my heart forever! Caleb has become a top fictional boyfriend! He's perfect in everyway!!! This isn't my actual review. I just can't stop tearing up. So I shall return with a full review soon! First of all, I love this cover. It really fits this book kinda perfectly. I don't really like the girl that much but the guy is not too bad as my beloved Caleb. It is really romantic and sets the mood for this lovely sequel.

One of the biggest things I liked about this book was the plot.

The first one was very different from what I've read. It was unique and flowed very well.

This is one was no different. In fact, it was better than the first to me! Again, I loved the book in both POV's. It was, so wonderful and I fell in love even more with them!! We left off from Leaving Paradise where Caleb left Paradise again to go off by himself. His family never accepted him and he felt they were better off without him screwing everything up.

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His life fell apart the moment he was arrested for hitting Maggie with his car while driving home drunk. It was a really screwed up situation. But he got out of jail and did community service. He paid his dues. Then he and Maggie fell in love.

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She forgave him for everything, yet he wasn't convinced he was worthy of her or anyone else. So he left her and Paradise behind. The beginning of Return to Paradise, he gets in trouble again. He is staying in a drug house because he has nowhere to go and his roommate gets busted for drugs. He didn't sell or do any but still took the blame, almost ended up in the slammer for the 2nd time in 2 years. Until, Damon comes to his rescue I gotta say, this guy is a saint! That is where the Re Start program comes into play. He makes a deal with Caleb that if he goes with him to a camp for a few weeks telling his story to troubled kids about the consequences of drinking and driving , then he wont go to jail.

So, he obliges not knowing he would see Maggie on the same trip. Things get tense, old wounds open up, and Hell breaks loose here and there. But it never ceases to impress me. The writing is beautiful, poignant and easy to follow. It flowed so amazingly. It was hard to put the book down. I did however, force myself because I knew if I kept reading I would have finished it in one day.

It made me sad and depressed to know their sweet love story was coming to an end. I loved the new characters introduced in this book. My favorites were Lenny, although he annoyed me at the beginning but he totally got to me towards the end. I liked Trish, she was kind of a brat but I warmed up to her pretty quick. The rest of the characters were great.

Lou was a great match for Maggie's mom. I was happy for them and for Maggie to actually have a father figure in her life! The whole concept was interesting and it made reading that much more fun. The witty and pissy banters between everyone was great! I laughed so much during most of Lenny's scenes, what a personality-sick and twisted but still pretty funny! The end was just amazing!! I was worried at first that things weren't going to turn out the way I hoped. But Simone didn't disappoint!!! I cried the last few chapters, it was romantic and sad but happy at the same time!

I loved it through and through! I would have loved to see more of Maggie and Caleb's future eventhough it was clear what their future looked like! I guess I just wasn't to let go of these awesome characters that touched my heart all the way to my soul.

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They will always be in my heart though and I may just read this series over and over again!! I highly recommend this series to those that have ever wanted to give up on life. It shows everyone deserves second chances and to not ever give up but fight for what you want!! Thank you Caleb and Maggie for being so amazing!! And giving me this wonderful story of hope and love!!!

View all 9 comments. Jul 23, Karla rated it liked it.

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  6. I'm in the minority here, but this book was just okay. It's not that the writing was bad, but there wasn't much of a story. The same issues that we saw in Leaving Paradise were re-hashed over and over again in this one. I'm not quite sure why there was even a second book.

    I love Maggie and Caleb but found myself getting annoyed with them and their lack of ability to commit. My take Love the author's writing style and I look forward t I'm in the minority here, but this book was just okay. Love the author's writing style and I look forward to reading her Perfect Chemistry series. View all 14 comments. Feb 11, sandeep rated it liked it Shelves: was-ok. But I really liked the ending, I found it very cute.

    Oct 07, Crista rated it it was ok Shelves: bad-boys , series , 2-star , contemporary. After becoming accustomed to brilliance from this author, this one was really disappointing. I think what bothers me most about this sequel to the amazing Leaving Paradise, is that I don't think the author stayed true to the characters.

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