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Writing is derealisation.

With The Gulf, I wanted to create a story about certain ideas [of domestic violence]. People are more likely to identify with it.

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Did you deliberately make her sympathetic? Linda is not an idiot. Any woman can find herself there. You can be a very robust, successful woman and still find yourself in a relationship that is volatile or abusive.

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I wanted to get an insidiousness across, to show you can get into an abusive relationship without realising. Jason has a quick temper and a threatening presence.

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I have experience like that in the past myself, and you feel so valueless that you will be happy to get anything. As soon as I thought of him, I had an image of two siblings in the back of a car driving to Port Augusta [where the book was originally set], and Ben reeling off facts to cope with the situation. He uses things he learns to justify and validate the way he lives in the world.

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He was so real to me when I was writing it. This sites uses cookies to ensure that the user has a good experience. By using the site you agree to accept cookies. Matthew Gray. The six Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf — Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — have a disproportionate importance in the global economic system because of their enormous reserves of oil and gas. Matthew Gray provides a brief yet comprehensive profile of these six Gulf states and their modern political economy.

The book explores how the combination of rentierism, state ownership of key firms and assets, and the use of patron—client networks to distribute favours and opportunities, has created a very effective strategy for regime maintenance and durability.

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However, the book also outlines how cooptive bargains with society have given the Gulf states a unique set of economic problems, including low levels of innovation and entrepreneurship, reliance on foreign workers and an inflated public sector. Submit your testimonial.

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