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She is a hoarder of colorful socks and admirer of squirrels and penguins and by "admirer", this clearly means she squeals at the mere sight of either animal. She resides in the deserts of Arizona with her husband and daughter.

Accompanying the trio is K. Poe's writing assistant Aries who happens to be a cat and doesn't do much in the way of assisting or writing, unless you consider sleeping on the keyboard helpful Kismet Forevermore, Book One by K. Words: 70, Language: English.


Published: June 7, As Madison pries into the secrets of her heritage, she discovers more than she ever bargained for. Strange things begin to happen. Dreams of a mysterious nightly visitor seem all too real.

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A power within her awakens. There was more handed down through her DNA than dark hair and purple eyes. She has been given a destiny, whether she wanted it or not. Destiny Nevermore, Book 4 by K.

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Words: 65, Published: April 19, Salem and Alexis have regained their mortality, but at a grave cost. Disregarding Hannah's warning of a dark and terrible future, the now human couple is wed.

Planned celebrations are cut short when Desmond gives his daughter and new son-in-law the opportunity for a relaxing honeymoon, with one catch. Sacrifice Nevermore, Book 3 by K.

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Words: 73, Published: December 1, Sacrifice is the third novel in K. Poe's Nevermore series and is approximately 74, words in length.

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If you have not read book one and two yet, please look for Twin Souls Nevermore, Book 1 and Hybrid Nevermore, Book 2 available anywhere ebooks are sold! But alas - once we made the batch, we found that one of the pigments was no longer being produced.

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In the world of color, pigments are not interchangeable - and we knew immediately that this was the one-and-only batch of "Perfect Red" lipstick we could make. So sadly, we named it "Nevermore. The heavens opened, and we all rejoiced. Nevermore will fingers crossed be Forevermore.

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This shade is a bold red in a satin matte finish, with that coveted blue-red undertone - without being so "blue" that it pulls pink on yellower undertones. It's bright, cheerful, and delicious - a pop of bright cherry in that vintage come-hither style. It's what we've been looking for in a red lipstick, and we're pretty sure you'll like it too. Nevermore Forevermore!