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You get the picture. It really is all about you!

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You remind yourself how important each customer is and how much you care. You remind yourself that customers are the reason your organization — and your job — exist. You have a few words with yourself to keep your mind focused, your heart open and your energy up. If only it were that easy. The truth is, relying solely on yourself to motivate yourself can be tough to do day in and day out. And that is exactly how I can help you. This customer care excellence tool will jumpstart your work week right by getting your positive self-talk on track in less than a minute!

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MORNING MOTIVATION - Discipline Yourself!!!

Want even faster results? Mondays can be hard. Even if you like your job, it can be tough to beat the Monday blues after relaxing over the weekend. The good news is, there are simple ways to get motivated on Monday mornings. We have some Monday motivation for you. Here are some tips for getting the inspiration you need to power through the week.

The worst thing about Mondays for most people is rushing to head out the door. Monday mornings can be chaotic, and this sets the tone for the rest of the day. Avoid the stress of getting ready for work by deciding what you will need the next day. Plan your outfit, pack your bag, and have a meal already planned. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and dread about the work day often begin as soon as you wake up.

60 Monday Motivation Quotes To Start Your Week On The Right Note

Calm your nerves and give yourself a dose of encouragement by starting a daily meditation practice. This will help you clear your mind and focus on preparing your mind and body for the day ahead. Remember, the weekend is right around the corner. Friday motivation usually draws on two sources. For one, you're probably trying to get everything done on your job that needs to be finished before the week is out.

At the same time, you're beginning to feel festive about the approaching time off. You can use this to your advantage by tapping into both sources of motivation to finish your Friday with a bang. Use your festive mood to make work more enjoyable. If you take on your work with a positive attitude, you'll have more energy to quickly complete your tasks and meet your goals for the week.

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If Saturday is your first full day off for the weekend, you may have conflicting feelings about it. Different goals may come to mind, and you're going to have to decide which ones are a top priority. You're probably going to feel tired or stressed from your week, so relaxation is going to sound like a great idea. While it may be the more comfortable option, Saturday might also be the only day when you can do household chores, errands, or socializing.

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  • Monday Morning Motivation!

To make the most of your Saturday, start the day with goal-setting. Decide what you're going to do with the time you have off and get started right away. Just as motivation leads to action, the action also increases motivation.

If you get all your boring chores done first, you have the whole rest of your day to relax, go out, or do whatever makes you happy! Depending on how you prefer to spend Sundays, you might end up being very busy. Suppose you get up early and attend services, church events, or community activities. If so, you may need much more motivation than you need during the rest of the week.

And, yes, that includes Monday. This is because your physical survival doesn't depend on whether you show up or not, so it really all comes down to how it fits into your own set of priorities. No matter how you spend your day, take some time for reflection.

Monday Morning Motivation

Consider how your plans are shaping up. Think about what you want out of your Sundays and every day for the following week. Then, let all of that pass from your consciousness and take some time to simply enjoy the day in comfort. If, on the other hand, you prefer to keep Sunday as a day of rest, you'll need to stay motivated for relaxing. That can be hard to do, especially if you're an active person. Try listening to music you enjoy, spending time relaxing with your family, taking a swim or a walk in the park, or doing anything that makes you feel happy and light-hearted.

Most people don't like to exercise a lot on Sundays. That's okay. Your body needs time to recuperate and rebuild your weekly routine. If you do any exercise on Sunday, make it relaxing to fit in with your Sunday frame of mind. Keep it simple. Go for an easy hike, swim, or walk; play an outdoor game like volleyball or croquet; do anything active that doesn't cause your muscles any stress or strain.

Motivation Monday Quotes (46 Positive Monday Quotes For A Great Week)

Monday, you'll need to kick in the motivation more seriously, but don't overstress yourself by worrying too much about that. For now, just let enjoyment and relaxation be your primary motivation. Stimulating your mind by exercising is a great way to jumpstart your Monday motivation fuel. Monday is a great day to get started on improving your physical well-being with some Monday fitness motivation. Before you workout or do any physical activities, think about everything you want to accomplish this week. Consider how improving your health through exercise will have a positive and direct impact your happiness.

Consult with your trainer, coach, or workout partner to plan out a specific workout routine to make sure you're on the right track. Play some upbeat music on your phone to pump your adrenaline as you run or workout. It can be hard to see your workout to the end, so promise yourself a nice rest in the jacuzzi or steam room as a reward for when you finish. Then, give your Monday all that you've got! If your exercise routine includes weightlifting, Wednesdays are the perfect leg day. This is a particular form of discomfort that requires motivation to keep you going even when your legs are aching.

Remember, try not to take on more than you can handle. After all, you want to make sure that you can still walk on Thursday.