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Comedonal acne most often affects the forehead and chin.

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Comedones arise when cells lining the sebaceous duct proliferate cornification , and there is increased sebum production. A comedo is formed by the debris blocking the sebaceous duct and hair follicle.

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It is now known that comedones also involve inflammation see causes of acne. If you have comedonal acne, choose oil-free cosmetics and wash twice daily with a mild soap and water. It is best to stop smoking and to have a diet that is low in sugar, fat and dairy products.

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Choose "comedolytic" topical medications. These should be applied once or twice daily as a thin smear to the entire area affected.

It may take several weeks to months before worthwhile improvement occurs. Treatment needs to be continued long-term sometimes for many years.

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Antibiotics can also improve comedonal acne but are usually prescribed for inflammatory acne acne vulgaris. See smartphone apps to check your skin. Acne and protect.

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Pretty girl with towel on head squeezing pimple in towel on her head. Acne formation infographics ann 2.

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